Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lavish Miltary Lifestyle from Stateside to Sandbox: NOT!!

Apparently military is leading a lavish lifestyle, from stateside to the sandbox.  Some never make it home.
Huffington writer, David Wood, a professed "former conscientious objector" and pacifist raised, cashed in on the military to earn a Pulitzer by highlighting the damages of war, but the ignorance in this article does incredible disservice to the military and merely highlights the fact, the military was simply a tool for this writer's claim to fame. 

There is no comparable civilian-sector job to ever compare military to ... there are no insurgents, no multiple extra duty assignment jobs (no UA, ECO, SHARP, etc.), no oceans away for 6-12 month assignments, no "you're going to jail, you didn't show up at work" jobs, no overtime pay, no 7 days a week/24 hours a day/365 days a year jobs, no we changed our minds about your perquisites, no single parent, instant widow(er), ready to go in hours without notice, cancelled your wedding, purposely sending you to get shot at jobs in the civilian sector.
What  is really disheartening is this writer is what is wrong with our country today!  Too many people are swayed by what the media puts out as golden.  People have lost the ability to reason and educate themselves, instead letting whoever pops up first on Google, Bing, or Facebook Timelines dictate their stance on issues and how to vote, or listening to breaking news, only later to be retracted or corrected ... but the damage has already been done.

I fear for our children, our next generation of leaders ... we must teach them to make reasoned and educated decisions, and to fact find before accepting something as accurate.